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October 12, 2010

The lady with the pet dog by Oates

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1- I enjoyed Oates’ version of the story “Lady with the Pet Dog” because it make things simpler and easier to understand whats going on .

3- Anna and her lover are drawn to each other because they both live lives were they are unhappy and have certain views about people of the other gender. when they met each other they both realized they are similar in many ways and that not all people are the same. We learn that their spouses don’t really love them its just an act where people pretend to like each other for society.

4- Anna was so unhappy after the affair because she thought that Dmitri doesn’t respect her and she feels guilty about cheating on her husband and doesn’t know if any of these two men truly love her. She thinks of suicide because she feels guilty about the affair and thinks it will be better if she dies so that way no-one can disrespect her and she cant cause any more problems.

5- Anna thinks that all men are selfish , cheating people who don’t respect any women and just wants one thing from them. Yes, Anna’s view of men changes because she notices how much Dmitri loves her and that maybe he wasn’t after her because of lust but because of true love.

9- I think Anna reaches a solution to her problem by the end of the story because her feelings about men change and she realizes how much she loves Dmitri so she will have to make some changes to her life in order to be with Dmitri but in my opinion as long as she is happy and satisfied is doesn’t matter what people think.

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